Wescosa Mini-Wide Refillable Marker | Wescosa Ultra-Wide Refillable Marker

Both, the Mini-Wide and the Ultra-Wide are extraordinary permanent markers from the 1970/80s. The Ultra-Wide was always a bit to dry, no matter how many ink I put inside. But well, I didn´t used Flomaster and at the stage I got the first Ultra-Wide, I had no idea of using paint thinner or solvent to make the marker flow… With the Mini-Wide I had better experiences. Used them with alcohol based Copic ink only and the Mini-Wides are definitely one of the best markers I have.

Mini-Wide Refillable Marker

wescosa mini wide marker

Wescosa Inc. Mini-Wide Markers. Two of them are unused, one was used for tagging years ago and another one was used as layout marker with pale green ink.

The Mini-Wide is certainly one of the classic tag-markers. Especially those who are familiar with graffiti and the film Wild Style might recall the scene in which “Zoro” (played by New York graffiti artist Lee) tagged some door (or whatever it was)…

The flat shape of this marker is rather unusual, and as far as I know the pen was actually a kind of layout marker (the Copic Wide has a flat shape too and it seems to be the “new version” of the Mini-Wide). Both markers, the Mini-Wide and Ultra-Wide, were produced in Japan and distributed in the U.S. by the WESCOSA INC. (“Ultra-Wide” and “Mini-Wide Refillable Marker”) and by HK Holbein Artist Materials (“Illust marker”). The width of the Mini-Wide is about 21 mm wide; the nib is made of felt (different to the extremely stiff synthetic nib of the modern Copic Wide).

To fill/refill the marker – it was always sold empty in the local hip hop stores – one must first pull the nib out of the marker. In the inside is a thin plastic tube through which the ink will get into the wadding filling of the marker … that was usually quite a mess, because the ink quickly spilled over and then expired.

wescosa mini wide marker

Unused Mini-Wide Refillable Marker.

wescosa mini wide marker

Unused Mini-Wide Refillable Marker with soft felt nib.

Mini-Wide Marker, marketed under the HK Holbein Artist Materials brand “Illust marker”

Ultra-Wide Refillable Marker

The Ultra-Wide has the same flat shape like the Mini-Wide. The line width is approximately 38 mm.

wescosa ultra wide marker

Wescosa Inc. Ultra Wide Refillable Marker. The store that sold them in the mid-nineties removed the part of the label with the company´s name… that was top secret!

wescosa ultra wide marker

Uncapped Ultra-Wide Marker.

wescosa mini wide marker ultra wide marker

Mini-Wide and Ultra-Wide Marker.

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  1. antonio

    do you sell some of these markers?
    i’m searching for them since1999
    leave me you answer on my mail box

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