Several Pantone/Letraset Tria Markers. The majority dates back from the 1980s.

Pantone Layout Markers

The Pantone Layout Markers are one of the best layout markers I ever had. Oldschool. That means: nice smell, smooth and soft felt nib and, as far as my experience is, the colors blend together much more better than the modern day alcohol-based markers. I found these around 2002 in an art material store. These markers date back from the 1980s and they sold them for cheap because nobody really wants them. The vintage Pantone Layout Markers come with different nib sizes: broad, fine, and extra fine. It´s amazing that all of these markers still do their work. Good quality markers.

Pantone markers

Vintage Pantone Markers in a “Graphic Marker”-box

The vintage Pantone Markers came with three different nib sizes

The vintage Pantone Markers came with three different nib sizes

pantone markers


Below are three versions of Pantone Markers: the modern Letraset Tria Marker, the 1980s Pantone and the 1970s Pantone Color Marker. The latter has a nice 1970s design (note the different “Pantone” lettering), the barrel is made of glass and it still works!

Pantone Layout Markers Letraset

Pantone Color Marker from the 1970s, Pantone Marker from the 1980s and one from the late 1990s/early 2000s.

Letraset Pantone markers

The 1970s and the 1980s version

Letraset Pantone markers


Letraset Pantone Marker


There´s a story behind the vintage 1970s Pantone Marker: I found this one just 8 years ago in Paris. I went to a art supply store which I had been to already in the early 1990s (back then I was looking for the Artline Poster Markers which were impossible to get in my home town in Germany. Well, they had the Artline Markers in Germany in the 1980s, but they were mostly racked by writers and so they discontinued selling them). This time, I had no interest in the Poster Markers; I just checked what they offer. I found this 1970s glass-bottle Pantone among newer ones and want to buy them. The staff told me, that they are sorry, but they don´t sell markers like these one. I tried to explain that I found that marker in their store but they apparently thought I took this one from home as an example for the kind of marker I was looking for… So what could I do? They didn´t want any money from me, gave me the marker and after some minutes I just decided to left the store without paying…

Letraset Tria Markers

These markers are great because of the three different nips in one marker: broad, fine and extra fine. However, I prefer the 1980s version; even though the Tria Markers are high quality markers too.

Letraset Tria Marker uncapped

Letraset Tria Marker uncapped

Fine and ultra-fine nib of the Letraset Tria Marker.

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  1. beth

    Are the Letraset Tria markers alcohol based? I wanted to refresh them, and wasn’t sure from your posts whether they were or weren’t.

    • justsomemarkers

      Well, the double-ended Tria Markers (broad/fine/ultra-fine) are as far as I know alcohol-based. Letraset doesn´t use harmful solvents in their products any more. The older markers ( the ones with only one side and white caps) are solvent based.
      So it depends on the type of marker you have. BTW: You may use alcohol in old solvent based markers; as long as the barrel of the marker isn´t made of aluminum (alcohol in combination with some solvents may cause the aluminum to corrode).

  2. gur

    I recently went to a local art store and they showed me the letraset tria marker. After showing me it’s different nibs, the shop assistant brought an aerograph to be used with these markers. It was fueled by a gas can (similar to a spraycan) and it worked by throwing air to the thin (not the thinnest one) nib, creating a spraycan-like stroke on the paper.

  3. Lynda

    I have 49 of these pens that I am wanting to sell. If anyone is interested in buying them from me, I’d love to hear from you. I am in Australia. They are the ones from 1980 I think

  4. tammy

    hi there,

    i am trying to find refills for the pantone Tria Letraset, what looks to be from the early 2000’s.

    I work at an architecture firm and we use these because they are so old school and colour so well.

    does anyone have any ideas where i can find refills? apparently they stopped selling them 5 years ago…sigh.

    please let me know if you do.

    cheers, tammy

  5. brian

    I loved these markers as a kid writing back in the 80’s I just bought 90 of the 80’s model and about 50 of the 90’s model off ebay for 77 bucks! they all work except a few. it was the steal of the century in my book

  6. Carl Cedergren

    Made a living drawing up Fallon’s creative till 200 when they got bought out. Pantone ruined the line with their new re designs he caps keep falling off and drying up.tha old style is much better looking for more. Cell #. 612 221 2753.
    Carl Cedergren

  7. eric

    Vintage desiggn markers series 1 r.amazing I have access to unlimited supply rite rite,and picking up entire set of vintage pantones as well.

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