Magic Marker Studio Colours

Vintage Magic Markers

Vintage Magic Markers

It´s very hard to find information about these markers. I guess they were one of the first layout markers ever. They were introduced to the market in the 1960s and have grown very popular for decades. The Magic Markers are produced by Royal Sovereign, Manchester. Magic Markers come in two shapes: one is very unergonomic and stubby, and until the company changed the markers ink solvent to alcohol it came in a little glass flacon. The other one is the Magic Marker Slimgrip. The Slimgrip came in a long thin aluminum barrel; the color was indicated by a sticker on the markers barrel. After discontinuing the toluene/xylene ink formula, the barrel was made of plastic. In addition, the new slim markers have two tips, one broad and one fine. The name was changed to Magic Marker Twin Tip. The glass flacon of the stubby version was also replaced by plastic, but the shape of the marker remains.

Magic Marker – the stubby one and the slimgrip version… in a 1980s layout book.

Glass bottle Magic Markers

In the early 1990s I had the chance to purchase a bunch of the old markers, but I took only one of the old ones… can´t remember why, I should have taken more…

Magic Marker. Note the old one with metal cap…

Update: Got a bunch of additional glass bottle Magic Markers and a Magic Marker Slimgrip. Most of these markers still work, some need to be revived. Most of the markers came without the label on it, those with label I won´t revive to avoid destroying the old and brittle label.

Magic Marker Studio Colours

Magic Marker Studio Colours

Two vintage Magic Markers with different labeling, 1990s version of a plastic Magic Marker

Two vintage Magic Markers with different labeling, 1990s version of a plastic Magic Marker


Slimgrip Magic Marker

Magic Marker Studio Colours

Magic Marker Studio Colours – Slimgrip and glass-bottle…

When I started this blog, I knew the Slimgrip Magic Marker only from pictures. Over a year ago, one blog visitor send me a Slimgrip Magic Marker (together with a glass bottle Magic Marker and a Mecanorma Marker) – a big thanks again!!

Only after a year I managed to upload some better pictures…

Magic Marker Studio Colors Slimgrip

Magic Marker Studio Colors Slimgrip marker.

Magic Marker Studio Colors Slimgrip Marker

Magic Marker Studio Colors Slimgrip Marker


Magic Marker

Cap detail: Double “M” – Magic Marker.

As already mentioned above, the ink color is indicated by a paper sticker on the marker barrel. This one has a fine tip; I guess there were once also medium and chisel tip versions of the Slimgrip Magic Marker. The marker is, of course, xylene-based and works like new. All in all, it´s a great addition to my collection!

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  1. 3243

    I have about 4 or 5 of the old glass-bodied Magic Markers that still work.

    Unfortunately they’re not for sale.

      • justsomemarkers

        Well, in two 1980s books about marker drawing, they recommend the use of lighter fuel to refresh dried out Magic Markers… My vintage Magic Marker is completely dry, but I remember kind of a different smell, unlike toluene or xylene… Maybe that´s the reason they recommend lighter fuel… but I´m not sure about that, sorry! Maybe I would try it with lighter fuel (but I can´t open the cap of the vintage marker, so I can´t).
        But let me know when you´ve found a solution.

  2. salix

    I have a selection of the slim grip, bottle and Pantone by letraset. I used to use them in the 80’s, and they remained in my attic until about 2 months ago when i got them out to do some ilustrations for garden design. I was amazed that they still worked after all that time !!!! I only hhave a limited amount, and have just ordered some new ones……i wonder if they will be as good as my “vintage” markers. We used to put lighter fluid in to revive them, and also to blend the colours………it was a long time ago…..but my love has been rekindled:)

  3. Zoe Blanchard

    I’m looking for some of these markers for my art class next year, is anyone willing to sell some?

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