Faber-Castell Markers

Faber-Castell Marker 22 Filzschreiber

Faber-Castell is a supplier of a wide range of writing materials such as black lead and color pencils, fountain pens, markers and other stuff. The history the Faber-Castell Company goes back to the 18th century when Kaspar Faber, a pencil maker, started his business in Nuremberg, Germany According to the company’s homepage Faber-Castell is the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils. Faber-Castell also distributes the Uni Paint and Uni Posca markers in Germany.

faber-castell marker22 filzschreiberfaber-castell marker22 filzschreiber

The Marker 22 Filzschreiber markers seems to be very old, today they aren´t available any more. I couldn´t find any information of these markers on the Faber-Castell homepage… The markers have a conspicuous similarity with the Magnum 44 markers. The black and the blue color seem to be exactly the same as the Magnum 44, and they also smell exactly alike. I think they were imported from the USA and labeled for the European market. The markers have a robust aluminum tube, and the cap can be placed at the back end of the marker´s tube when in use. Got them from people that found them anywhere in the garret. Very nice oldschool markers.

faber-castell marker22 filzschreiber
The cap can be put in base of the marker, unlike most other markers in Germany. faber-castell marker22 filzschreiber

Update relating to the age of the Marker 22: According to a request I send to the company, the Marker 22 permanent markers were introduced in 1962. The distribution of the Marker 22 was discontinued in the early 1970s. Nice to have some of them…

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Faber-Castell Penol Marker 150

I´m still searching for information about this marker. Got this one from tabacco shop. A picture so far…

permanent marker faber-castell penol

Faber-Castell Penol Marker 150

faber-castell penol permanent marker

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