EF Eberhard Faber

First, I should write a bit about the Company and the brand history. However, due to a lack of time and the complex history of the Company (it´s closely linked to the Faber-Castell Company), I don´t have much to write yet. Both brands, Eberhard Faber and Faber-Castell, are highly visible in Europe and the US. Allmost every product from one of these two brands, from pencils to erasers, set squares and of course markers I had ever in my hands was/is of outstanding quality.

EF Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers

I don´t know much about these markers. They were made in the USA and seem to be very old… I got them from different sources: two from a flea market some years ago, the others were in a large box filled up with layout markers of different types. I even didn´t noticed the Design Art Markers when I bought this box… So it was a real surprise to find these EF markers inside among all the other stuff.

Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers

Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers

 Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers


When I found the first three markers at this flea market, the guy who sold them had much more, but I got only these two. I remember that he wanted a lot of money for the markers, I think I paid 8,00 Euros for the two… All these markers are still fine and fit perfect with the solvent-based old Pantone markers. Like most of the old markers they are of good quality and solid metal barrel construction.The labels of these markers differ a little bit. Conspicuous is the fact, that on some markers the label is printed directly onto the marker barrel, while other markers have a sticker – in one case it´s a paper sticker, on two other markers, it´s a plastic sticker.

Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers

Different labels.

Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers

Eberhard Faber Design Art Marker fine point

Eberhard Faber Design Art Marker

Design Art Marker, chisel tip

Eberhard Faber Multi Marker No.60

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60 and Refill Ink

This one is an outstanding example of an early permanent marker made in Germany. I spotted markers like this somewhere in a magazine from 1965, so it must be definitely from the 1960s. After I received this marker, I did a little bit research and found pictures of a whole box with Eberhard Faber Multi Markers. Unfortunately this picture (via picture search) was about one month old when I discovered it. It was part of an eBay auction that had still ended – without any bids. So I contacted the seller, but he told me, he had already throw all the stuff he wasn´t able to sell away. Shit! However, good to have at least one!

I also have a refill ink for this marker (see picture above). Ink is still liquid, but it´s black (the marker is green). The Eberhard Faber Multi Marker No.60 is an example for non-toxic ink in vintage markers. The marker still works, it doesn´t smell – I think it´s alcohol-based or something. Before opening the cap, I expected another odor…

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60 – front

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60 – side

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60

Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60


Eberhard Faber Multi-Marker No.60

Just to have an idea about the size of this marker… for those of you who are not familiar with the Mini-Wide Marker, it´s similar to the Copic Wide Marker.

 Multi-Marker No.60

Refill Ink Instruction Sheet.

There was once also a No.70 version. It´s mentioned on the refill ink instruction sheet. Would like to have at least a picture from this one.

Eberhard Faber Multi Paint Lackmaler

I found this paint marker (Lackmaler means literally something like “painter”) in a stationery shop in a small German town. The marker isn´t vintage, but I guess it´s nevertheless 15 or more years old, also according to the shop owner. I can´t find more information about the marker. Seems to be discontinued… The marker is xylene and toulene free, however, it has a strange smell. Nice labeling without bar code.

Eberhard Faber Multipaint Lackmaler

Multipaint Lackmaler, front

Eberhard Faber multipaint Lackmaler paint marker

Multipaint Lackmaler, back



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    • Greg


      I have 13 of these markers.
      433-L Buff- broad nib, barely works
      265-LF Blue-pointed nib, works like new
      366-LF Red-pointed nib, works like new
      433- LF Sahara Tan, pointed nib, not working
      229LF Black, pointed nib, slightly working
      266-LF Orange, pointed nib, works like new
      208-LF Yellow Green, pointed works good
      424 LF Pale Purple, pointed nib, works good
      229L4 Grey-4 Broad nib, works ok
      336 L1 Red1, broad nib, works good
      205 L1FBlue/Green1 Pointed nib , works like new
      238L Green/Yel Green Broad nib, works like new
      207LF Yellow- Orange works good.

      I will sell them, make me an offer.

  1. jimmy

    hey is there any colors for the designer markers for my son i wanted to know if u are selling them thank u

  2. Lynn

    I have many Design art markers that are in good shape for the most part. Always careful to cap them, etc. Willing to sell. Can list colors if necessary.

    • justsomemarkers

      Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. I don´t really need more of those markers although they´re rare and hard to get today… But nevertheless, you may list the colors; maybe someone else is interested in the markers.

  3. Lynn

    I haven’t used markers for the longest, was kind of shocked that they are no longer being made. I will hold onto them, unless someone else is interested. I’ll be glad to list the colors then. Thanks.

  4. axepop

    those are asetone markers. they blend well and have good durability. The downside is that if you didnt have good ventilation your work would get “loose”.

  5. James

    Hi, I am interested in buying some markers in any colors if anyone is willing to sell. Only if they work well though.

    • Lynn

      James, I have about 40 design markers in very good shape inkwise. They are old, but work well, never used them for blending colors, so they are pure color. Also have 16 others that are from ‘starting to dry’ to quite dry, but still some color. Let me know if any of this interests you or others. Thanks.

    • Lynn

      I am ready to box up these markers and send…..anyone out there interested, please let me know. Will sell at very good price. Thanks.

  6. fion

    All markers working well, wide range of individual colors.
    28 pointed nib and 56 broad nib, color# list upon request & $ offer…

  7. James Davis

    Are you making/selling your markers… I didn’t see a place to order them?
    I had one from many years ago and would like to get some replacements.

  8. Zoe Blanchard

    Hello, I’m looking to buy some of these markers. Looking for the barrel type as well as the modern double-ended ones.

  9. Lynn

    Hi Paige. No, I do not have most of the markers now. I do have Indigo 435-LF (bulky pointed nib)., that’s in very good shape.

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