Why collecting Markers?

More than 20 years ago I got interested in graffiti and tagging – and that was how I came to markers. It was in the end of the 1980s when it became very popular in my class to write one´s name or “I was here” with permanent marker on tables, walls and everything else what seems to be adequate for writing on with permanent marker. The most popular ones were permanent markers from the famous German brand “edding”. The fad of writing one´s nickname or just “I was here” didn´t last very long, but influenced from graffiti tags in our neighborhood I and a couple of other guys started tagging.

I don´t want to spend much words about Graffiti but for those who aren´t familiar with the subject, graffiti is just about getting one´s name well-known on a large scale all over the city. What I was doing 20 years ago was at this early stage just tagging, no graffiti art in the narrow sense. My favorite tools for tagging were markers. Markers are easy to handle, don´t make any noise, other than spray cans for instance. And I loved (and still love) the opportunities of calligraphy style appearance, even if I quit tagging long ago. Well, my parent didn´t like tagging so much and they checked every time when I was leaving our house if I had any marker with me. So what could I do? Get every second day a new one! Sometimes I managed smuggling the new markers back home; sometimes I hide them outside. After I while I had a huge collection of markers of all kind of types. Wherever I was, I was looking for some markers suitable for tagging or doing sketches. And I found some really old markers back from the 1970s, long forgotten in some dark corners of dusty stationery shops… But retrospective I missed a lot of opportunities to get markers I would like to have now. I just chose the large ones. When I got the first – in Germany at that time hard to get – Artline Poster Markers with its huge 20 or 30mm nibs they were for many years the only markers I used for tagging. In the meanwhile I had also turned away from tagging to more artistic colorful painting… The markers from the beginning were already forgotten at this time. Several years ago I quit doing graffiti at all, ´cause it doesn´t fit with studying and working.

Today, I see markers as tools not for vandalism, but for artwork and design – or just as the marking tools for hobby, office or other applications, that markers are intended for.

Recently I discovered that there are people out there collecting markers. That was kind of surprising since most people I know just throw used markers away, even most of the graffiti writers I know. However, I kept almost every single marker I ever got… and some may be worth seeing, for those who are interested in markers…

I work on this blog just for fun and occasionally, and I still have markers to be posted. I don´t have much markers for trade, and I don´t sell any markers, but feel free to contact me if you´re willing to trade some stuff. You may use the pictures for noncommercial uses, but please link back to my blog. All pictures of the “Photo Shooting”-series (and some others) are copyrighted by photographer Timo Stammberger, who took the pics for a project we are working on. I did my best to name the sources of any pictures/scans I posted for documentary reasons on my blog only.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions:


  1. ray

    Where in the hell do you get those pilot super color silver jumbo markers?? ive been looking for years. Im based out of Los Angeles,CA.. any online retailer you could recommend?

  2. Veremah

    search for wildstyle shop Berlin, they do have one or two left. They´re not in the oneline shop, just ask them directly… good luck!

    • justsomemarkers

      Hi Karin,
      thx for your comment. About the AD Markers: No, I don´t know how old these markers are or when they were first marketed. Couldn´t find any information so far … if so, I´ll post it

  3. Allister


    Great photos and information regarding your extensive marker collection. Buncho classics and rarities, and i’m sure you got a bunch on stash that you still have to document and post in the year ahead.

    Gonna shout you out on my studio/marker blog over here if you don’t mind.


    Please let me know if you’re interested in trades/selling any doubles in your collection that are black markers.


  4. Joaquim Marquès Nielsen

    Hey man, I really like your site!

    I’m working on a project I think you might be interested in. It’s somewhat similar to the Studio B.I.B. 500 marker project (but on a totally different scale, using another method). I’m making a “Tribute to Markers” poster. Here’s a little teaser:


    Anyways, just wanted to let you know. I’ll give you another heads up once it’s complete:)

    Keep up da bloggin’

  5. Joaquim Marquès Nielsen

    Forgot to ask — do you know any websites (apart from yours) that contains images of great looking retro markers? It’s really hard to find, and I’d like to include some of the most interesting and aesthetic markers on the poster. Thanks:)

  6. U-Mark Inc.

    Try U-Mark markers. U-Mark is an industrial marker company out of Belleville, IL. Our markers are made in house featuring some of the best ink and paint in the world. Contact Us if you would like a Umarker sample to review for the blog. Come see us at http://www.umarkers.com

  7. G

    Hi there. Great site- marker pens are quite pleasing objects! I’m making a prop for a short film and was wondering if it is at all possible to take apart a Pentel N50 marker so that I can insert a magnet in the barrel, then put it back together again, without destroying it. I would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

  8. wouterzartzWouter


    Great collection!
    I noticed you didn’t mention the Molotow markers. They are German and like Posca acrylic based.
    The difference with Posca is that Molotow markers can be refilled and empty markers are available (which means your can premix colors yourself). Best thing about the All4One acrylic is that they cover everything in a nice solid matte finish and are quite permanent (more permanent then Posca). Posca has two advantages: They flow a bit better (but not much) and need less shaking (Molotows need to be shaked well every time, otherwise the color is very dark).
    The nibs are equal and exchangable.



    • justsomemarkers

      Hi Wouter,
      Thanks for your comment. The reason why I didn´t mention the Molotow Markers yet is that I don´t have any. When the Motow markers were put on the market some years ago I had already quit tagging. Today, it´s crazy to see what´s available on the market… The All4One weren´t marketed back then in the mid-1990s, and nowadays for the little sketching I still do I use my remaining layout markers such as Pantone, Kurecolor, edding…
      Another reason for not having Molotow markers in my collection yet is, that – apart from vintage design markers – I´m more interested in “ordinary” markers made for just simple marking or sign writing, especially the older solvent-based ones from the last past decades…
      However, Molotow managed it to establish a wide variety of high quality acrylic markers even in art material shops and department stores that have no connection to the graffiti movement at all. I´ve spotted parents with small children asking the staff at one of these stores, if the markers are toxic or not, and then they bought a bunch of them for their kids. And yes, it´s strange, but the Poscas (this specific shop has Posca markers as well) remains in the “heavy duty marking job”-section, not behind the fine art materials desk.

  9. Nancy

    Hi again- I forgot to mention that I found these markers today along with a bunch of artist supplies. The markers are in the upper left. They all work. BTW…. I’m tempted to get rid of all the stuff in the photos on Ebay so contact me if anyone has an interest in buying the items in the photo. fyi: the paints are all soft and useable. I probably have a few more tubes around here that I can toss in too. I don’t paint but I have a major soft spot for all artists.

    • justsomemarkers

      Nice Collection – I like the Magic Marker and the Pilot Gold Marker. The latter is the xylene-based version of the Pilot Gold Marker, right? Berol Magnum Marker is also one missing in my collection…

      • Tomo

        Nice one. It doesn’t say on the Pilot if it contains xylene, all it says is “toxic Substance” but it certainly doesn’t come off easily.

  10. Cole

    Hi there. I stumbled across a strange looking, packaged marker in an abandoned general store. I can’t find much info on it and was wondering if you could help? It’s a Snowman marker, that mimics the glass bottled ends but appears to be hard plastic. I could send you a photo? Cheers, Nicole.

  11. mark

    Can anyone give me a link to the old sanford king size model 15000 perm markers,,,all I can find are the newffer ones which are very differant down to the scent…

  12. Untrendy Teenager

    This is a great blog. I was googling for pictures of a silver marker I used back in 84 for my new blog, secret80sdiary.wordpress.com, and one on here was perfect! The blog isn’t for commercial use so I’m hoping it’s okay to use it with appropriate credit, but wanted just to let you know out of courtesy. I’m new to the blog thing so want to make sure I get it right! Thanks very much.

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