Marker Rendering again

Today I want to share three videos of marker rendering I recently found on Youtube. The first one gives a very good look on how to create the texture of a tree using solvent-based Chartpak AD Markers together with water color and regular pencils. Good lesson how to use layout markers.

The second video is amazing in the way the artist colored the drawing. Just have a look.

The last one is in Spanish, so I don´t understand a single word. It´s from 1995, but according to the music and the vintage EF Eberhard Faber Design Art Markers they use, it could also be from the 1980s. Nice example, how marker rendering was done back then.

One comment

  1. Bob De brey

    When we first opened our design business in 1965 we used the Flowmaster marker pens. They were also popular with students at the Institute of Design in Chicago just before that (1958). The interesting thing about the Flowmaster pen is that one could get dense, full color images by briefly depressing the tip, which released the ink flow valve. This re-supplied the tip with fresh, wet ink. As the rendering progressed the ink in the tip was used up and the image density would gradually fade. This allowed one to shade shadow areas and render curved surfaces. The changing image density did demand continuous mental planning while rendering the image and perhaps this is one negative feature that led to the present day markers which are easier to use. I still have the original Flomaster pens but are no longer used.

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