Another bunch of new markers

To get over the Sakura bootleg thing, here´s a picture of another marker load I got recently. Among these markers are really nice ones. I like the Cado Flomaster pen. Along with the Marsh Marker I received before, it´s an outstanding example of a fountain pen-like permanent marker. The vintage 1960s Carters Marks-A-Lot Markers are also a dope find!
Hope it will not take too long time to post more detailed information.

JSM Permanent Markers Vintage Markers batch 2

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One comment

  1. Baxta

    Did you source all of these markers on your own or do people send them in to you?

    Great site by the way, would love to check your collection.

    I am based in Australia and have just started my own Tumblr on markers….only one post so far but I will be logging my entire collection and posting up marker related stuff in my spare time.


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