Another bunch of new markers

To get over the Sakura bootleg thing, here´s a picture of another marker load I got recently. Among these markers are really nice ones. I like the Cado Flomaster pen. Along with the Marsh Marker I received before, it´s an outstanding example of a fountain pen-like permanent marker. The vintage 1960s Carters Marks-A-Lot Markers are also a dope find!
Hope it will not take too long time to post more detailed information.

JSM Permanent Markers Vintage Markers batch 2


  1. Baxta

    Did you source all of these markers on your own or do people send them in to you?

    Great site by the way, would love to check your collection.

    I am based in Australia and have just started my own Tumblr on markers….only one post so far but I will be logging my entire collection and posting up marker related stuff in my spare time.


  2. Bwoosi Mowani

    I’m a graffiti writer from Queens NY in the 1970’s. As he said somewhere in the site. The Mini’s and Uni’s and pilot markers were the markers of us artists back then. We used to go to an old Mom & Pop Soda Fountian in the Bronx, and another one in Brooklyn. Both run by old white men probably from the 40’s or 50’s. They used to make us old time “egg-creams” (for those that know what a real NYC Egg-cream is/was) when we made the long train trip from Queens to visit them. I think they were so glad to see white kids for the 1st time in years, and more to the point, Italians, Irish and Jewish kids. Because both neighborhoods were totally black or hispanic and mostly burned out by that time. When we told them what we’d come for, one old guy went into the back room, and came out with a dusty old cardboard box tearing at the corners, full of Wesco Uni’s and another box full of Mini’s. We didn’t want them to think we were J.D.s so we told them we needed them for Art School, and that we had alot of friends interested in buying them to, but that they were affraid to come to this neighborhood to get them. At that he said to me, “Well let me make it so you kids can make a few cents on the deal since you were brave enough to come all the way up here. So he sold the Uni’s to us for $3 each, and the mini’s for $2.50. I still have one of each never filled with ink. I just took one out of a box in my garage, and let it soak with rubbing alcohol, and the nib too, then squeezed the nib dry with plyers, with the nib inbetween a folded up towel. It works good as new. With Alcohol based ink. Do you know if Flo-Master still makes ink? I had a Flo-Master pen too but can’t find that. I think I remember loosing that back then. Dude charging $100 for them is criminal, get a grip. They’re still being made, and you can buy them for about $10 online with a little looking. What a ripoff!!!

    • Willis

      What’s your tag my brother, and Star 3 was in the cover of Birth of Graffiti book I think I paid around that much too like $3.00 a pop for a uni wide on 150 street & Broadway.

  3. Willis

    No more flo master ink production suspended due to high lead content a weapon of choice among NYC writers.

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