The Pentel Pen

Today I received two boxes with vintage Pentel N 50 Markers or Pentel Pens, as the Pentel company named these markers. I got my oldest Pentel N 50 markers in 1990 in some stationery in Italy, so I guess these ones may be from an earlier stage. Early or mid-1980´s, maybe 1970´s. the first feature is the flat base, unlike the other Pentel Pens I know. Both the 1990s version and the contemporary Pentel Pen have a taper at the marker´s base to put the marker´s cap there during use. These ones don´t. Also the cap looks different, the caps looks all alike, in a warm gray or beige, can´t tell you exactly… The font used for the label is also different from the common “Pentel” font design of the 1980s and 1990s Pentel markers I know.

pentel pen n 50 permanent markers

Stylish vintage box with a writing hand on it…

The Pentel markers came in two cardboard boxes which could be used to display the markers in a shop and – sorry, my English knowledge ends here (I´m even not sure how to describe that in German in a few words… check the photos…).On the boxes it reads “Available in Black-Red-Blue”. However, I received brown, purple and a yellow one as well…

pentel pen n 50 permanent markers box

… side view.

Only a few of these markers still works, the other ones are dried out or semi-dried out, although they were well capped and seems to be unused. But that´s not important and all together, it´s a nice find!


  1. Ryan Garvey

    What are you trying to describe about the boxes? I’m curious to know. Are you talking about the pop-out feature on the display box? It’s the cut-out around the hand? Anyway- I love your blog very much- you provide a lot of good detail about your collection, like marker function, close-ups photos, etc. Please keep collecting and keep posting. I have a small marker collection (about 75 pieces) and I’ve recently begun posting them to InstaGram, under #MarkerOfTheDay If you use InstaGram have a look, my user name is Addictionaryan – Peace!

    • justsomemarkers

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Yeah, I think I wanted to describe this pop-out thing… I´m not sure, can´t remember. I´ve still some more stuff to post on this blog and I also want to improve the existing static pages regarding the information about the marker companies and so on. The silver-tube blue/red labeled Magnum of your MarkerOfTheDay-series is one version still missing in my collection – I missed the opportunity to get one several times in the 1990´s… but the design of the contemporary Magnum is an outstanding example compared to the tendency to use plastic tubes for modern day markers. Peace!

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