edding No.1 – The original one

Two weeks ago found a real rarity from the 1960´s: The 60´s version of an edding No.1 marker and a bottle refill ink, also from the 1960´s. These two items are for sure the oldest marker stuff I ever got. Unlike the later edding refill ink bottles, this one is made of glass and has a pipette to drop the ink inside the marker. The package bears the term “Schnellschreiber” in a handwriting style; this was the early notation the edding company used for their permanent markers in the 1960´and 1970´s. It´s labeled in German only and the instructions of use are printed on the back of the package.

edding no.1 vintage marker and refill ink

edding refill ink 1960´s vintage

edding refill ink 1960´s

edding refill ink 1960´s how to use

edding refill ink

edding refill ink

This early version of the edding No.1 permanent marker has a unique and pretty stylish product design, it reminds a little bit on a rocket or something with its aero dynamic looking cap. The label sticker is the same like the label of the semi old edding No.1 marker that was produced until 1990, but the blue color of the cap is more light than that of the later vintage version. It´s definitely one of the best catches I´ve made in the last month.

edding No.1 permanent marker vintage 1960´s
edding No.1 permanent markers


    • justsomemarkers

      I spotted one of these vintage No.1 markers for the first time on the edding company´s homepage a year ago or so. The refill ink kit is a dope thing too. I´ve never expected to find that stuff…

  1. luckylucre301

    funny because thats where i spotted it too .. id never seen one before only the old No1’s you have … and i finally found one about a month ago … thats when i started to look for other people intrested in Markers ,i found a group on flickr and then found your blog…… i would never have guessed there would be so many others intrested in old markers:-) .. should of guessed though.
    http://searchin4elmarko.wordpress.com/ i have alot more to add when i get time….
    i love your blog by the way…

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