The “Marker Loan”

A good friend gave me recently three of his markers for that project we already did the photo shooting for… Two of them were unknown for me before: the Pelikan Plaka Pen and the Micro Marker. The third is a Meto Poster Pen. The Pelikan Plaka Pen seems to be from the 1980´s since it was produced in West-Germany (before the reunification of the former two German states). However, it´s free from xylene and toluene.

The Micro Marker, made in Korea, is somewhat extremly used and covered with ink stains, I can´t read much of the label.

The Meto Poster Pen is a typical water-based pigment ink marker. I don´t know were to get this markers from (I mean a single marker, not a whole pack of 10 or 12…), and this one I´ll give back with the other ones after the photo project.

Pelikan Plaka Marker Meto Poster Pen

Pilot Super Color Paint Marker

I found another marker in a stationery: a Pilot Super Color Paint Marker. It has the older Pilot label on it and contains xylene or toluene as solvent. Maybe it´s a 1980´s marker, don´t know. According to the shopkeeper it has remained for years and he added that they discontinued the distribution of Pilot markers long ago. He gave it away for only one Euro – thanks!

Pilot Paint Marker Super Color

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