Vintage Markers I: “edding extrabreit”

Extrabreit: Until the early 1990s the term “extrabreit”, or “superbroad” in English, was an additional labeling of the edding 850 due to the fact that the edding 850 was then – and still is –  the widest marker available on the regular market (of course one can find today every type of huge tagmarkers in graffiti stores…).

The edding 800 “extrabreit”: Some weeks ago I found a bunch of vintage edding 800 markers in a sellout, which seems to be much older than the edding 800 markers I already have in my collection. To my surprise these edding 800 markers were also labeled “extrabreit” and even the rest of the labeling was the same like on the old edding 850. It may be that when these edding 800 extrabreit markers were sold in the 1970s, these ones were the widest markers on the market. After the edding 850 was launched, they simply put the labeling on the new wider marker. Doesn´t make much sense to label two different markers the same way. The other vintage edding 800 markers bear the text “in 10 farben”/”in 10 colours” instead of “extrabreit”. Also the other labeling changed a little…

edding 850_800 superbroad en

… note the different “y”

edding 850_800 extrabreit de

Which one is more “extrabreit”?

edding 800 extrabeit in 10 farben de

in 10 Farben

edding 800 superbroad in 10 colours

in 10 colours

However, either the edding 850 extrabreit or the edding 800 extrabreit inspired a German band to adopt the name “Extrabreit” in 1978. I don´t know if they choose this name for this reason, but “breit” is a synonym for “to be drunk” in German… so you can guess what “extrabreit” may mean.


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