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Various Sanford/Sharpie Markers…

Sharpie markers seem to be very well known and famous in the United States. I still did some research for facts about Sharpie/Sanford, but I didn´t find that much information so far. However, the smaller versions of the Sharpie are also available in Europe/Germany, and there are some Online stationery suppliers in Germany, that carry also the semi-large and the large King Size and Magnum markers.

Sanford Magnum 44 Marker

I guess these two Magnum 44 markers can be called vintage. I got the marker from the U.S. back in 1990, and I remember that they looked strange in some way. The older version of the Magnum marker hasn´t an upper part that can be unscrewed for refilling or something. It´s just made of an aluminum tube, unlike all other permanent markers I had before. I also didn´t like the labeling at that time, and I tried to remove it what fortunately failed. In the late 1990s the Magnum markers were also available in some Hip-Hop stores in Germany. Somewhere I read, that these are the 1980´s version of the Magnum marker. And for sure, these two metallic-like labeled exemplars are pretty much oldschool and smell accordingly…

Der Magnum 44 Marker sieht mittlerweile etwas anders aus als diese beiden Beispiele. Ich habe die Marker 1990 aus den USA geschickt bekommen, irgendwann Ende der 1990er gab es die aber auch in einigen Hip Hop-Läden. Irgendwo habe ich mal gelesen, das sei das 1980er Modell des Magnum. Die Magnums, die in den späten 1990ern verkauft wurden, waren schon die entschärfte Fassung. Die beiden metallic-style gelabelten Exemplare sind noch richtig oldschool und riechen auch dementsprechend…

Sanford Magnum 44 Markers

Vintage 1980s version of the Sanford Magnum 44 Marker

magnum 44 marker

Sanford Magnum Marker

Sharpie Magnum Permanent Marker

Sharpie Magnum Markers

Sharpie Magnum Markers

Since some years, the Magnum Marker is marketed under the Sharpie brand without the “44”. The prior model has the same aluminum barrel and plastic cap like the Magnum 44 permanent marker. The ink still contains xylene, but no toluene. It has a less strong smell than the 1980´s Magnums.

Seit einigen Jahren wird der Magnum Marker unter der Marke Sharpie vermarktet, ohne die Zusatzbezeichnung “44”. Das ältere Modell des Sharpie Magnum Markers besteht aus der gleichen Aluminiumröhre wie der alte Magnum 44 Marker. Auch die Plastikkappe sieht gleich aus. Die Tinte enthält teilweise immer noch Xylol, aber kein Toluol und hat nicht ganz so einen strengen Geruch wie das 1980er Modell.

Sharpie Magnum Marker

Contemporary Sharpie Magnum Marker

This is the most update model of the Magnum Marker. Solid aluminum barrel construction, toluene and xylene free ink. The nib seems to be synthetic, but it´s nevertheless very soft. Great product design, compared to other contemporary markers.

Das hier ist das neuste Modell des Sharpie Magnum Markers. Stabile Aluminiumröhre, frei von Toluol und Xylol. Die Schreibspitze scheint aus Synthetikfasern zu sein, ist aber trotzdem sehr weich. Für einen Marker der neueren Generation zeichnet sich der Sharpie Magnum Marker durch ein großartiges Produktdesign aus, verglichen mit anderen Markern der heutigen Zeit.

sharpie magnum marker black

Stylish marker…

Magnum Markers

Magnum Markers from the 1980s to 2013

Sharpie King Size Permanent Marker

The King Size Marker is the smaller version of the Magnum Marker. Nice full metal jacket marker. The body of the older/vintage version is made as a whole aluminum tube. The cap can be placed in the base of the marker. The modern version also features great product design and unlike the old version it can be refilled (not according to the company, but one can unscrew it simply and refill…). The old one I got via marker trade, the modern version I found in a German online supply for stationery products.

Sanford King Size permanent markers

Two vintage Sanford King Size Markers in brown and yellow.

Sanford King Size permanent marker

Still works like a new one…

Sharpie King Size Marker

Sharpie King Size Marker, 2012



Sanford / Sharpie King Size Marker

Sanford / Sharpie King Size Marker

Sanford Deluxe Permanent Marker

Vintage Sanford Deluxe Permanent Markers

Vintage Sanford Deluxe Permanent Markers

Vintage Sanford Deluxe Permanent Marker


Sanford Liquid Tip Permanent Marker

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker in original package

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker

Sanford Liquid Tip Marker uncapped

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  1. Neap Tide

    the liquid tip is cool, it looks like a pre sharpie design that became the sharpie with the pocket clip and pointed cap.

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