pentel pen n50 permanent markers

The Pentel box…

The Pentel brand is very hard to find in Germany. As far as I know only a few shops do have Pentel Products and if so, it is mostly correction pens or fine liner markers. One special feature of Pentel Marker Pens is that the shaft, that holds the marker nib, is pushed into the marker barrel, so it isn´t possible to open the marker for a refill. An exception is the Pentel Felt Pen M 180. Most of the Pentel markers are still toluene/xylene-based and for that reason they have an intensive smell.

All these markers come from different sources and are of different ages. Some of my Pentel N 50 Permanent Markers are from the 1980s (maybe from the 1970s. I need to contact the company for more information about that), and some from the early and late 1990s.

The large Pentel Felt Pen M 180 was a gift someone gave me years ago. This one the 1980s version of the M 180 marker. The contemporary version has a different labeling now.

The Pentel White 100W Paint Marker I got years ago in a Hip Hop shop. I never used it. I bought it just to have one. Recently I bought also the large version of the Pentel White, still didn´t take pictures…

The modern chalk marker came from an arts and craft store. It was already used. I think someone had tested it. Good for me, I got it 3,00 € off.

Pentel Pen N 50 Permanent Markers

The slim Pentel Pen N 50 Permanent Markers are similar to the edding 3000 Permanent Markers. Below is a box with the older version of the Pentel Pen N50. Received these a year ago or so.

pentel pen n 50 permanent markers

Vintage box with Pentel Pen N 50 Markers.

pentel pen n50

Vintage Pentel Pen N50 Permanent Markers.

pentel pen n50

Pentel Pen N50: The vintage and the 1990s version.

Pentel Pen N50: The red one is from the early 1990s; the blue one is the contemporary version. The markers are similar, only the caps are different.

 pentel pen n50 permanent markers

A close look on the cap…

pentel pen permanent marker blue

Looks unused, but is dried out… need some xylene for that thing.

Pentel Felt Pen M 180 Permanent Marker

That´s a beautiful vintage marker! It has an older labeling; I think it´s an early 1980s version. The contemporary labeling is somewhat different. I would like to have one, but it seems to be impossible to find one in Germany. The markers can only be purchased via internet, and in almost most cases only large quantities. Or, if also single markers are available, shipping is just too expensive for one or two markers…
This one can be unscrewed for a refill. Nice dragon logo on the cap of the larger marker.

Pentel Felt Pen

Pentel Felt Pen M 180

Pentel Felt Pen

Pentel Felt Pen

Pentel Felt Pen


Pentel Felt Pen

The dragon.

Pentel Felt Pen F 50

I do have different versions of the Pentel Felt Pen F 50 Permanent Marker. I need to take some more pictures…

All of the Pentel Felt Pen F 50 markers (beside the black marker in the pictures I have some green ones and an orange one) are the 1990s to 2012 versions of these markers. Once, the label was similar to the vintage M 180 marker above, but unfortunately, I haven´t found one of these earlier versions yet.

 pentel felt pen permanent marker

Contemporary version of the Pentel F50 Felt Pen

 pentel felt pen permanent marker

Pentel White Paint Markers

The Pentel White Paint Markers are the only Pentel Markers that have still a vintage looking labeling without any barcode or something like that. The Markers are labeled in Japanese with an English translation. The Pentel Paint Markers come in a blister pack with a multilingual translation of how to use the marker. As mentioned above, I got one – the smaller one, the Pentel White 100W – from a hip hop store years ago; the large one, the Pentel White 100W L (no pictures yet) I bought recently in a stationery that has to my surprise some of these markers. It was damn expensive, however, I like the design and I think it was worth it to get this one.

Both markers feature different cap designs: different shapes and the cap of the Pentel White 100W L has a small dragon symbol on the top of the cap – I like that. I forgot to mention: the smaller marker has a bullet tip, while the Pentel White 100W L has a chisel nib.

Pentel White 100W Paint Marker

Nice small Paint Marker…

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Marker

I found this marker in an arts and craft store in Berlin. I was surprised to find once again a Pentel brand marker in a local shop. It´s a wet erase marker and intended for non-permanent marking on non-porous surfaces. I first spotted one of these chalk markers in an artist’s studio some years ago and wondered where he got these markers from. Nice to have one added to my collection.

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Marker, front.

Pentel Wet Erase Chalk Marker, front.

back side

back side




  1. Kyle

    Hi. I’m interested in purchasing a large quantity of the pentel felt tip markers. Is there a website that I can find and buy them? Thank you for your time

    • shirley

      I was wondering the same thing, or at least a recommendation of perm. Markers that will give the same look as these! Thanks!

      • justsomemarkers

        Hi, you´ll find both markers – the large and the small Pentel Felt Pen – on eBay or at online shops. I don´t know a specific online shop, but just try with the Google picture search…
        The large Pentel Felt Pen has a different labeling now; the one in the picture above is the vintage version.

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