Artline Markers

Artline Permanent Markers

Artline Permanent Markers come with different labels and in different forms. While there are permanent markers of the Artline brand that are similar to the edding 3000, 3300 and the edding 800 permanent marker (the Artline 90 High Performance Marker and Artline 100 High Performance Marker), there´s no counterpart of the edding 850. However, Artline produces wide to extra wide permanent markers with 20 mm and 30 mm nib width. The Artline Permanent Markers are hard to get in Germany today, but I remember, that the smaller Artline Markers were marketed in the early 1990s. The metal body Artline Permanent Markers had a strange and sharp smell then, even without toluene and xylene. The wide ones with plastic construction, however, had a different ink. Only the smaller chisel tip Artline 90 High Performance Marker has this smell – and I love it. The Artline 100 has the same type of labeling but is a contemporary version with low odor ink.

artline 90 permanent marker

Artline 90 permanent marker, mid-1990s

artline 100 permanent marker

Artline 100 permanent marker

Artline 130 High Performance Marker

This is the more up to date version of the Popmate Marker (see below). Well, it´s the Popmate with a different label… Available now only in four colors as far as I know. I bought it five years ago in Paris.

Artline 130 high performance marke

Artline 130 with 30 mm nib

Artline 130 high performance marke

Artline 130 permanent marker

Artline Popmate Marker

I found this marker twenty years ago in Greece. I always used to look out for some stationery or art materials shops to find new markers at that time. They had the Popmate Markers in 20 mm and in 30 mm, and in ten colors as far as I can remember. I bought only this one. Well, after a short time I filled nail polish remover into the marker to make it juicier. No good idea, nail polish remover don´t work well with marker ink. But anyway, nice to have this one! One special feature is the back cap for refilling. Somewhere I read that some writers used to screw the upper part of the edding 850 on the back of this kind of markers to have a double ended one. Yeah, and that really works…

popmate marker artline 30mm purple

Early 1990s Artline Popmate Marker 30mm in purple

artline popmate marker 30mm

Early 1990s Popmate marker

Artline/Jiffy Poster Markers – the ink version

Until the marker trade I knew only the gouache/tempera Poster Markers from the Artline brand that is labeled “Poster Marker”. However, also some of the permanent alcohol based ink markers are labeled “Poster Marker”. Nice oldschool looking label with “Mr. Jiffy” on it. They come in 20 mm and 30 mm. I guess these markers are from the early 1990s too, like the Popmate marker.

Both the 20 mm and the 30 mm version of these wide Artline Permanent Markers looks alike, with the same body and cap, just the nib is different. Would be nice to have the 20mm marker with a smaller cap, like the different shape of the Artline Poster Marker Tempera 20mm and 30mm…

jiffy 20mm permanent marker

Artline/Jiffy Poster Marker 20mm

jiffy Poster Marker 20mm permanent marker

Artline/Jiffy Poster Marker

Jiffy Poster Marker 30 mm

Artline/Jiffy Poster Marker 30 mm

Artline Poster Markers

Artline Poster Markers are probably the best and most durable pump markers worldwide. The Poster Markers are available in five line widths (from 4mm to 30mm) and many different colors. The water-based pigment ink is water-resistant, highly opaque, light fast, but unfortunately not very weather resistant and fade relatively quickly when used outdoor. The pens are not refillable with the original ink, but can be refilled with any other common marker ink. However, before refilling the Poster Marker all the remaining pigment ink should be washed out, as usual it doesn’t go well with solvent-based ink. The pumping system of the Artline Poster Marker and some thinner allows nice drip-effects…

Artline Poster Marker gehören vermutlich zu den besten und langlebigsten Pump-Markern weltweit. Die Stifte werden in fünf Strichbreiten (von 4mm bis 30mm) und sehr vielen verschiedenen Farben angeboten. Die wasserfeste Tempera-Pigmenttinte ist hochdeckend, lichtecht, aber leider nicht sehr witterungsbeständig und verblasst im Freien relativ schnell. Die Artline Poster Marker sind zwar nicht mit der Originaltinte nachfüllbar, lassen sich aber mit jeder anderen gebräuchlichen Markertinte auffüllen. Voraussetzung ist allerdings, dass sämtliche Reste der Tempera-Tinte ausgewaschen werden, da sich diese mit der üblichen Nachfülltusche für Permanent Marker nicht gut verträgt. Durch das Pumpsystem des Markers kann man bei entsprechendem Einsatz von Verdünner nette Drip-Effekte erzielen…

shachihata poster marker 4mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 4 mm

shachihata poster marker 6 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 6 mm

shachihata poster marker 6 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 6 mm

shachihata artline poster marker 12 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 12 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 20 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 20 mm

shachihata poster marker 30 mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 30 mm

artline poster marker 30mm

Artline Poster Marker Tempera 30 mm

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