Artline Markers

Artline Markers

Various Artline brand markers.

Artline Markers are manufactured by Japanese company Shachihata. Shachihata is a well known company for stationery products and office supplies, one big part of the business are stampers and communication tools. Artline is a highly visible brand all over the world, and in my opinion, Artline products are among the top high quality products one can choose for his/her needs.

Artline markers, the topic of this blog, come in different types: There are classic dye-type permanent markers, paint markers, special purpose markers, and of course the famous Artline Poster Marker tempera ink markers.

Artline markers are hard to get in Germany today, but I remember, that the smaller Artline Markers were marketed in the early 1990s. The Artline Permanent Markers had a strange and sharp smell then, I think, these were still xylene-based. I had only one model, the stubby Artline 50 High Performance Marker. Don´t know where I put these, I think I threw it away 20 years ago because it was empty (and too small back then…).

The tempera-ink Poster Markers were also marketed in the 1980s and early 1990s, but there are stories that the Poster Markers were withdrawn from the German Market (or to be more precise: shop owner stopped selling these markers), because they were mostly racked by taggers. I know one story of a stationery shop that listed Poster Markers in its assortment in the mid-1990s. Only after some month, nearly all Poster Markers were stolen (the shop owner told me), and that was the reason for the shop to stop selling Poster Markers.

Artline Dye-Type Permanent Markers

Artline Permanent Markers are marketed under different labels and come in different shapes and sizes. Some Artline Permanent Markers are similar to other “standard” bullet tip or chisel tip markers or to – also “standard” – 12mm wide markers. However, there´s no counterpart to 16-18mm wide markers such as the edding 850 or the Sakura SG7 Extrabroad marker, to name a few. Instead, the widest Artline Permanent Markers come with 20mm and 30mm nibs.

The designation of Artline Permanent Markers varies, depending on the market targeted. In Europe (and maybe also abroad), Artline Permanent Markers are labeled today as “Artline High Performance Markers”. An older designation was “Artline Popmate Marker”.

A while ago I learned that also dye-type permanent markers were sold as “Poster Markers”. These were sold in Canada, but nowadays, according to the Canadian website, the markers are marketed as “Jiffy Eco Markers” and, like in Europe, as “High Performance Markers”.

Artline 90 High Performance Marker

Pictures coming soon…

Artline 100 High Performance Marker

Pictures coming soon…

Artline 130 High Performance Markers

Pictures coming soon…

Artline POPMATE 30mm Marker

Pictures coming soon…

Jiffy Poster Marker 20mm

Pictures coming soon…

Jiffy Poster Marker 30mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Poster Marker Tempera

Artline Poster Markers are among the most popular tag markers from the beginning of the graffiti movement across Europe and also Australia. I once spotted a construction drawing of the 20mm Poster Marker from the 1960s, so these markers were already launched decades ago.

The oldest model of Poster Marker Tempera markers is a 4mm Poster Marker. I got these from a sellout along with other marker stuff. The millimeter sticker on top of the cap looks different and also the labeling differs a bit compared to the early 1990s version.

As mentioned above, Poster Markers were (and still are) hard to find in Germany. They were sold among writers for relatively high prices, but maybe this was just for the toys among writers. I guess graff kings back then knew very well were to get the Poster Markers from. I bought my first Poster Markers around 1994 in Paris, mostly the 30mm markers. The 20mm version was also hard to find in Paris and finally after visiting (beside sight-seeing) nearly all stationery shops in the inner city I found also one 20mm Poster Marker. This one (see picture below) is still one of my favorite markers. It was my first 20mm drip marker (after I had finished the original ink and refilling the marker with edding ink and paint thinner) and I have a lot of memories of nice “marking” actions with this specific marker. The 4mm, 6mm and 12mm markers I found several years later.

Artline Poster Marker 4mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Poster Marker 6mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Poster Markers 12mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Poster Markers 20mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Poster Markers 30mm

Pictures coming soon…

Artline Paint Markers

Coming soon…

Artline special purpose markers

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